Letters to the Editor

Week of Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Liz, Boston:This is probably a little late, but a friend of mine in San Francisco just sent me your article about the female equivalent of the "cock block" because we had a conversation about the same thing a year or two ago. We decided on "boxed out," which doesn't rhyme, but I think has a good ring to it nonetheless.

Ms. St. Clair responds: Capital! Ramgoolie!


The May 25 B&A column by Karen Zuercher, "The Kids All Write," incorrectly stated that the radio show This American Life runs on National Public Radio. This American Life is actually produced by WBEZ/Chicago Public Radio and distributed to public radio stations nationwide by Public Radio International.

The June 15 cover story "Knockout/ Tapout" misidentified Ralph Gracie in a photo caption. The caption should have read "Dan Marks (on the ground) tries to put Jake Shields in a triangle choke."

SF Weekly regrets the errors.

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