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Wedding Crashers: Music From and Inspired by the Film

I knew something was up when Tegan & Sara wound up on the Monster-in-Law soundtrack. Ever since some dialed-in music supervisor in Newport Beach figured out how to exploit indie rock, hipsters have infiltrated mainstream media, replacing Bob Seger and Aerosmith with Razorlight and the Album Leaf in car ads. Shit, the Garden State soundtrack just went platinum! In the grand tradition of Music fromThe O.C. Mix 4 comes the Wedding Crashers soundtrack, which is relying on the Converse-clad masses to shell out for a compilation whose track listing reads like last year's Coachella lineup: heavy hitters like Death Cab for Cutie, Jimmy Eat World, Bloc Party, Spoon, and Rilo Kiley, as well as little guys who deserve more exposure such as Robbers on High Street, the Long Winters, and the Weakerthans. The usually annoying Flaming Lips pitch in a new song ("Mr. Ambulance Driver") that won't make you want to gouge out your eardrums, and '70s one-hit wonders Mungo Jerry represent with "In the Summertime." This being a movie about weddings, the disc closes with a remix of the Isley Brothers' "Shout" and "Hava Nagilah," as sung by Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson -- 'cause let's face it, there's always room for klezmer.

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