Tuesday, July 26

Look, the whole world knows that behind Gavin's blank smile is a burly rager against the machine, able to defy the federal government in the name of love. So why shouldn't our anarchistic Mayor Newsom make the opening remarks at an event called "Is San Francisco Going to Pot?" Dude, totally! As a city, 80 percent of us think medical marijuana should be legalized -- we're as badd as our leader. But the main event this evening is a lecture by drug-policy rock star Ethan Nadelmann, who has the international political and legal experience to help decriminalization stand up in court. He may be Harvard-educated, but he's still probably thought of as wild-eyed in some circles: He thinks drug policy should be based on "science, compassion, health, and human rights." The discussion begins at 5:30 p.m. at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco, 3200 California (at Presidio), S.F. Admission is free; call 921-4987 to RSVP or visit www.drugpolicy.org.

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