Gabby La La

Be Careful What You Wish For ...

Produced by Primus frontman Les Claypool for his Prawn Song label, this stunning CD debut by eccentric 25-year-old multi-instrumentalist Gabby La La could be subtitled "Something Wacky This Way Comes." But that's only part of the story. A minimalist effort, Be Careful What You Wish For a bright, shiny studio concoction of La La's and Claypool's kaleidoscopic imaginations. Front and center: La La's curiously elfin vocals, singsong melodies, and whimsical lyrics: "You could be a little golden flea/ Not just a lucky charm/ But the life of the party." Then there are the instrumental idiosyncrasies: La La plays sprightly ukulele, sitar, accordion, toy piano, theremin, and Afropop guitar; Claypool provides a thumping bottom end on bass, drums, and percussion. Granted, the tunes may sound a bit peculiar at first, but closer attention reveals gems of pop merriment, variously catchy or groovy, with spare, elegant arrangements and an overall feeling akin to a children's game, like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, which despite its veneer of strange discombobulation is basically wholesome fun.

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