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If it's kinda, sorta music-related, we'll review it. This Week: Indie Rock Cribs.

Indie Rock Cribs is a mouthwatering peek into the private life of a scorching-hot indie musician in the style of MTV's voyeuristic look at the homes of various and sundry FOPs (that's Friends of Paris). But instead of the same tired old Chihuahua-toting FOPs, we get Joe Pernice, founder, singer, and songwriter for the Pernice Brothers (progenitors of shimmering, preoccupied, Simon & Garfunkel-with-an-MFA pop) and official FOTS (yes, that's Friend of the Sadies, kids!), taking us on an exclusive tour of what the spoils of underground success can buy.

Indie Rock Cribs begins with an in-depth look at Pernice's couch, then moves on to the mantel, "where there's [pictures of] me and my wife at 9 years old and a camera that doesn't work and my collection of View-Master viewer reels." We are privy to both Pernice's East Studio (a table with a laptop where he writes only literature) and his West Studio (where he creates music with high-tech equipment like a small mixing board and an acoustic guitar). The studios are conveniently located within a foot or two of each other, undoubtedly in the interest of facilitating the creative process.

The show also includes a behind-the-scenes glimpse at Pernice's kitchen ("We have a double sink, which is a very nice feature to have") and all the dirty little secrets housed in his bathroom, where the tiles and linens were imported from Ohio. The only room Indie Rock Cribs doesn't get its cameras into is the bedroom -- sorry, ladies.

The man behind this tantalizing spectacle is none other than Mr. Joe Pernice himself, who made the video to answer the question, "Where do you go when glimpses inside Usher's great room no longer titillate?" The answer? "You go straight into the musty crawl space of that dude from Spoon. You put in some hang time in Cat Power's mudroom is what you do." Although not much can top Indie Rock Cribs in sheer, peeping-Tom exhilaration, I vote for the Indie Rock Surreal Life as its sequel, complete with washed-up underground has-beens. Wasn't Har Mar Superstar made for a vehicle like that?

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