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Whatever: The '90s Pop & Culture Box

Here's what I felt listening to the radio hits of the '90s (and my 20s) for over eight hours: despair (jeez, were the "eclectic '90s" really this bland and frictionless?); horror (were the top hip hop and dance songs really all from novelty acts, like MC Hammer, Kris Kross, and "I'm Too Sexy"?); disappointment (King Missile's lyrics sound better in your memory); cognitive dissonance (how did a box of radio hits wind up with half a dozen riot grrl bands?); deep, disgusted shame (at playing the Friendstheme straight through); curiosity (who sang "Dizz Knee Land" again?); cooing nostalgia (the Sundays, the Cardigans, and hell, the Divinyls); fleeting bliss ("Be back in the arr-rms of my GIRLFRIEND!"); and, most of all, self-loathing -- 'cause I know the only cut that I'll keep coming back to is "Baby Got Back." Whatever.

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