Remote Controlled

Will a new generation of curbside sensors end our parking problems -- or help the government monitor our every move?

Zack, Sullivan, Dykstra, Shoup, Kolozsvari, and Conant believe that it's possible to revolutionize the way the world works by applying information systems technology to the most mundane processes and out-of-the-way places, where nobody imagined there would be a role for such deep knowledge.

You might think that because some of these people are my friends, and one is my cousin, I'm inclined to agree with these beliefs, or at least be receptive to some elements of such talk.

I'm not.

I'm entirely against it.

And should you ever step off a Golden Gate Park trail and urinate, only to hear an embarrassment-inducing, "Ahhhhhh, thanks. That felt good!" from behind a blackberry bush, remember: I warned you.

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