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Katastrophe and Bambi Lake worship at the throne of cock rock; Sun Burned Hand of the Man shows off its mastery of the communal hippie jam

Cock rock is a sacred American tradition, for both the penis and late '70s rock are righteous. Hence, so is GenderEnders' monthly rock showcase "Rock Out Without Your Cock Out" at Edinburgh Castle, which aims to defy established gender roles in music. Overacademically described as a night of "trans/intersex/genderqueer-focused" performances, the party basically boils down to a great night of original hard rock and hip hop to get fucked up to. Bambi Lake , who is capable of raping any pussy-ass hair-metal band, will swipe the show out from under her co-performers' Converse when she combines everything from spoken word to the American songbook to punk. Before that hurricane, local artist Katastrophe will unleash his signature style of rapping that details failed relationships and societal and genitalia fuckups. Rock bands the Floating Corpses and Surrogate Sound also take the stage this Friday, Aug. 26; call 885-4074 or visit www.genderenders.com for more info. -- Brock Keeling

The New England-based collective Sunburned Hand of the Man is composed of psychedelic masters of the 20-minute hippie-fried communal jam. Their success is based on the fact that this large, often nebulous ensemble always retains the necessary mixture of the three types of musicians required to create incessantly mutating psych-grooves that are both open-ended like free jazz and tightly wound like hard-hitting rock 'n' roll. Type One: learned musicians who know their chops and prevent the collective jam from devolving into an amateurish "Hippie Hill" drum circle fiasco. Type Two: freaky, artistic nonmusicians that prevent the learned musicians from hijacking the collective jam and turning it into a Cream-inspired snooze-a-thon. Type Three: record nerds that inject the collective jam with riffs, rhythms, and sounds nicked from ultra-obscure platters that nobody in the group would have ever been able to create from scratch. When these three types are combined in the right way (which SHOTM have spent years learning how to do), powerful, stinky free-funk vibrations are generated. But don't believe me, go attain direct knowledge when Sunburned Hand of the Man, along with Magik Markers, perform on Sunday, Aug. 28, at the Bottom of the Hill; call 621-4455 or visit www.bottomofthehill.com for more info. -- Justin F. Farrar

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