Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Honestly, it sounds like a premise that wouldn't work that well: Lydia Millet's novel Oh Pure and Radiant Heart takes J. Robert Oppenheimer, Leo Szilard, and Enrico Fermi, the fathers of the atomic bomb, and beams them up to modern-day New Mexico. Thermonuclear sci-fi as serious fiction? What? But reviews (in Kirkus, the Chicago Tribune, and Vanity Fair, to start with) leave no room for discussion. This is, they say, a brilliant book full of insight and wit; comparisons to Vonnegut and Murakami abound. Environmentalist Keiran Suckling joins Millet in discussion at 7 p.m. at City Lights, 261 Columbus (at Broadway), S.F. Admission is free; call 362-8193 or visit www.citylights.com.

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