Letters to the Editor

Week of Wednesday, September 14, 2005

George Phillips
San Francisco

Inventive? Inconsiderate? Must Be Infiltrator!

And announcing the first-ever Hilde Susan Jaegtnes drama contest:I just wanted to let you [Harmon Leon] know that I love your Infiltrator projects. My two favorites so far have been the German comedian ["German Heat!," March 30] and the Christian headbanger ["Headbanging for Jesus!," Aug. 31]. You are very inventive and inconsiderate enough to realize the projects, which adds up to remarkable reading.

I have a little question as well. I've written a fair amount of absurd little plays that can't really be performed, but that are pretty digestible in writing. I was wondering if you thought that there would be a place for any of these little plays in SF Weekly? Personally, I think they would fit in perfectly, but I'm not sure I could convince anyone until they're actually there in print. What do you think?

Just to give you an idea of the concepts, I have written down the titles of the ones I like the best. If you like, you can read any of them to get a closer feel. Alternatively, if you think it's a doomed idea, just let me know, and I will do my best not to feel crushed.

1) There Are Ants in My Room

2) Discussion With the Pope

3) Bloodthirsty Paperclip

4) Ballistic in the Hospital

5) Psychic Toast

6) 2004 Post-election Unclogging of Political Pores (or: Everybody Should Live Together)

7) Random Indonesian Coffee Bean

8) Pretending Octopus

Hilde Susan Jaegtnes
San Francisco

Editor's note:Even if I were an octopus, there's no way I could pretend to pick the best play from this extraordinary list of titles. But our readers certainly can -- so it's time for a contest. E-mail us your pick for the best short play by Hilde Susan Jaegtnes, along with an explanation for the pick, and we'll publish the explanation -- and the play! -- as a Dog Bites exclusive. Send your picks to letters@sfweekly.com. (Tiebreaker: your phonetic spelling of the correct pronunciation of Ms. Jaegtnes' name.)

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