The American Analog Set

Set Free

The American Analog Set's latest full-length, Set Free, should provide the score to some pretty quintessential autumn moments this year: the donning of new sweaters, the anticipation of kisses on the quad, first leaves falling, nostalgia for the summer's laughter and sunlight. But that's how songwriter Andrew Kenny and the rest of his Set have always rolled, at a pace not much faster than a Thanksgiving parade. Set Free, like all AAS records, realizes what the sounds of rock instruments whispering are, favoring repetitive, hypnotic instrumental passages and words sung so quietly you can hear the breath rubbing against Kenny's lungs before it exits his mouth. Don't mistake the low volume for a lack of intensity, though. The sparse accents of the brush-hit drums, low-register organs, and slow-blooming guitars set an intimate, moody tone. It's those elements that will make this record an ideal hot-cocoa companion as the days begin to grow shorter, just you wait and see.

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