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Dimension Mix

Quality children's music has seen a resurgence of late, what with albums by Dan Zanes and They Might Be Giants allowing parents to throw away those damn Raffi records forever. Dimension Mix-- put together by Ross Harris of quirky electro duo DJ Me DJ You -- should provide further solace to nursery crhymed ears (while also proving enjoyable to the nonparental set). Benefiting the Cure Autism Now Foundation, the compilation is a tribute to the music of synth pioneer Bruce Haack and dance teacher Esther Nelson, who collaborated on a dozen peculiar kids' records throughout the '60s and '70s. The source material -- Space Age bleeps and whizzes from vintage synths; kooky lyrics about army ants, jelly dancers, and transcendental meditation -- proves perfect remix fodder for such kitschy experimentalists as Stereolab, Tipsy, and Fantastic Plastic Machine, while also serving as lyrical inspiration for power-pop locals Oranger and former locals Irving. This is screwball stuff, guaranteed to get kids and adults to, as one song robotically intones, "Move arms and legs."

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