FEMA -- a Four-Letter Word?

The only quiz in the world that will tell you if you're an apologist for the Bush administration's Hurricane Katrina response

6) Already, many of the reconstruction contracts for New Orleans have been given to companies with a known reputation for friendliness with the Bush administration; many of the same companies that are working in Iraq, including Vice President Dick Cheney's former company, Halliburton, have been awarded projects. What do you think of this?

A) Twenty dollars says Halliburton has that Trent Lott house rebuilt by Christmas.

B) Well, giving contracts to Halliburton is the best way to stimulate the local economy.

C) Let's just make sure we secure New Orleans' oil fields so the insurgents can't cut off the supply and drain the country's best source of revenue. Or am I confused?

7) If you were one of Mr. Bush's advisers, what advice would you give him about the future of New Orleans and how this disaster has impacted his own legacy?

A) "Is your actual skin made of Teflon, or is that a special suit you wear?"

B) "Hey, George. It's Karl Rove. Boy, am I glad everybody's forgotten about that whole Valerie Plame thing."

C) "No, Mr. President. I'm afraid we can't just give it back to the French."

How to score:

Score zero points for every "A" answer, one point for every "B," and two points for every "C."

0-6 points: We know, we know. If only New Orleans had been the subject of an anthrax scare. Hey, speaking of that ....

7-10 points: That's right -- it's no use playing the blame game. Accountability is no substitute for action!

11-14 points: Congratulations! You are a true Bush administration apologist. Thanks for playing, former FEMA director Michael Brown. We have some lovely parting gifts for you.

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