With a Cape and a Cane

I recall fondly the thrill of arriving at a random high school house party to find a band playing. Most of the time this meant terrible songs and amateur delivery, but occasionally you'd come across a group that had an odd way of transcending its imperfections. Perhaps it was its eccentricities in songwriting, perhaps the fact that its influences were more sophisticated than everyone else's. Whatever it is, the Joggers are that band. Much like Solid Guild, their previous effort, With a Cape and a Cane packs the right amount of dissonance and catchiness. It's the weird melodies that take four listens to get but inevitably stay with you longer than a sugary, obvious hook you get sick of after a week. It's the reverb-soaked garage-punk drums and snaky, bleating guitar glurps. It's the use of Eastern tonality in ways other rock bands have never figured out. It's the stops and starts, the tension and release, the soaring but nasally vocals. All this, and you don't even have to deal with getting dropped off by your parents.

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