Local crew Bayonics drops multiculti hip hop; Timo Maas brings his mixed-up dance sound from Germany

With news, interviews, and live footage of local and national artists and DJs, the TV program Distortion 2 Static (airing Sunday nights at midnight on WB20) is the Bay Area's hip hop lifeline on the small screen -- there's simply nowhere else to go for a visual sense of what's happening in the scene. Though their video camera was stolen during their summer break and they could probably use a little help on their own behalf, the D2S producers frequently host benefits for organizations such as the Red Cross. Proceeds from this installment of their recurring party "PST (Pacific Standard Time)" will benefit Oakland's School of Unity & Liberation, a youth training ground for tomorrow's sociopolitical leaders. Celebrate the new season of D2S with its in-house DJs Halo and Chicken Skratch, alongside Sake1, on Thursday, Oct. 6, at the Levende Lounge; call 864-5585 or visit www.levendelounge.com for more info.

The nine members of Bayonics are locally bred, from San Francisco to Hercules, and have been steadily performing live in Northern California since their 2001 inception. Their multicultural makeup and sound are pure Bay Area, incorporating funk, salsa, and hip hop. Rapper Sr. Grizwald dictates the flow with a commanding presence, while vocalists Rojah and Junbug hit with the smooth soul harmonies to offset the horn and rhythm sections and booty-bumping bass lines. Fans of the East Bay's Loco Bloco dance ensemble and salsa band Mala Fama (where several members got their start), as well as those interested in exploring some of hip hop's important roots, will appreciate this contemporary mix. Bayonics performs on Saturday, Oct. 8, at the Rickshaw Stop; call 861-2011 or visit www.rickshawstop.com for more info.

He's been known to down bottles of vodka while performing marathon DJ sets of up to seven hours in nightclubs all around the world, and he operates his own record label called Four:Twenty Recordings, a not-so-subtle marijuana reference that finds its way into the breakbeat and techno tracks of his artists. But the alter ego of the nonstop partyer who is Timo Maas is a quiet studio nerd who holes up with his engineer to record music (his recent Pictures was two years in the making), and then retreats to a farm outside Hanover, Germany, where he makes his home with his wife and young daughter. This life of extreme contrasts crosses over into Maas' music, which veers from gritty hip hop and dark trance to lighthearted and sarcastic electro-bump. Expect an engaging performance from someone with a genuine love of his profession as Maas DJs on Saturday, Oct. 8, at Ruby Skye; call 693-0777 or visit www.rubyskye.com for more info.

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