Tuesday, October 25, 2005
Nobody can accuse Clive Barker of being lazy. Aside from pushing many units of books (such as the nightmarish classics Hellraiser and Candyman), he's also an accomplished painter who's been showing his work for years in Los Angeles galleries. Shows titled "One Flesh" and "The Weird and Wicked" featured tortured, misshapen souls in a colorful, impressionistic style, with plenty of bold brushstrokes and exposed penises. Barker's 20-by-10-foot mural The Metaphysics of Light, Wisdom, and Sound, which hung in a now-closed nightclub, bore a marked resemblance in tone and content to William Blake's work. Now comes a thick art book, Visions of Heaven and Hell, featuring nearly 400 illustrations and 11 essays that reveal the dark world he typically brings to the page. Barker appears at noon at Stacey's, 581 Market (at Second Street), S.F. Admission is free; call 421-4687 or visit www.staceys.com.

It's All Trash: Sirron Norris spent time at the dump for 
"Branding." See Friday.
It's All Trash: Sirron Norris spent time at the dump for "Branding." See Friday.

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