OK Then, Music Awards!

The biggest party thrown in celebration of local music all year

So, as you can plainly see, SF Weekly remains and will continue to be a bellwether of moral clarity and plain old good taste. Hoo-rah.

Ha ha, very funny. Here are the facts: There is an absolute-fucking-ly huge party going down on Market Street this Thursday, Oct. 20, a party that has been in the planning stages for, as I mentioned, the better part of five months. Someone said, "Garrett, we've got a tidy sum to spend this year on the SFWMAs," to which I was like, "OK." Swipe. A bunch of that dough is going toward subsidizing the cost of tickets, meaning that instead of a $30 admission price, a lowball estimate of the average cost of a Warfield show, you'll pay $16 for what promises to be something special: a great night of local music and community, which happens to include a music video directed by this really sweet sky-diving senior citizen about a malfunctioning parachute.

In addition to the presence of two fountains that spurt chocolate, 27 nominated acts, and various bookers, club owners, radio DJs, and assorted hotshots on hand to present awards, there will be music. Blessed, wonderful music. They said, "Garrett, we need a few good bands," and I was like, "Hell, yeah." So I went out and handpicked my favorites. Please read all about them in the program you now hold in your hands. It's a diverse assortment, to be sure. Lord knows Fairfield's own you-can-find-me-in-the-club party rockers Federation are never going to share a stage with shimmering indie-pop heroes Rogue Wave ever again.

So please come. Come see the goodness for yourself. If you're a Parchman Farm fan, come and find out what Federation and "hyphy" are all about. If you like jazz, then you simply must check out Hieroglyphics; they play hip hop. Find me in the club and we'll have a drink together; I'll be the one in the tuxedo. Come and be a part of the biggest party thrown in honor of local music and its fans all year long. Come. I'm tasking you.


Garrett Kamps

P.S. I almost forgot. Here's a little giveaway: The first five people to read this column and e-mail me at garrett.kamps@sfweekly.com will receive two complimentary tickets to the awards.

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