Letters to the Editor

Week of Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I won't go too much into numerous other nontransportation pork, like Sen. Burton's insertion of a million-dollar subsidy for San Francisco Ocean Beach restoration, claiming that San Francisco depends on beach tourism like Huntington Beach, Santa Monica, Redondo Beach, etc. San Francisco also got more money than any other town, even though no tourist goes to Ocean Beach, nor is Ocean Beach marketed to tourists.

The list of pork barrel politics which unfairly favors San Francisco at the expense of the rest of us is way, way too long to go into here. Mr. Smith better be careful what he asks for, because the biggest pork barrel welfare queen in California is San Francisco.

Jaime Cordera
Los Altos


Matt Smith's column last week, "Reeferzilla Meets NIMBY-Ra," implied that the Green Party had circulated a petition asking school Superintendent Arlene Ackerman to give back her severance pay. The petition was actually organized by a private citizen, Rick Reynolds.

And last week's Stage review of Doctor Atomic referred to a "precious sample of uranium-238." It should have read "uranium-235," which is much rarer.

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