If it's kinda, sorta music-related, we'll review it. This week: the White Stripes on The Charlie Rose Show.

Herein, a handful of take-aways from the White Stripes' Cavett-esque appearance on The Charlie Rose Show last week, dedicated to the unidentified talent booker who put Jack and Meg White in front of the black background for 40 minutes. Yes, the band known for stripping rock down to its basics spent nearly an hour chatting with the man who never uses five words when he can use 25, and the results were magical. Unidentified booker, we salute your moxie!

Line of the evening: Teasing the bifurcated episode -- first 20 minutes on Plamegate, last 40 with Jack and Meg -- Charlie intones, "A Washington investigation. And good music. When we continue."

Longest run-on question:Charlie -- "You know, when we think of Memphis and we think of the blues, and we think of Nashville for the country-western, and we think of New Orleans and we think of ... all of that. And New York has a bit of jazz and a whole range of other things. But Detroit has a real musical tradition, I mean beyond Motown. The rap came out of Detroit, and you guys came out of Detroit. Who else?"

Our favorite part of that:"The rap came out of Detroit."

Approximate year "the rap" was invented in Detroit?: Um, first we've heard of that, actually.

Number of direct questions about the long-debunked claim that Jack and Meg are siblings:Zero.

Number ofindirect questions about said claim: Four.

Best of these: With his second question, Charlie asked Jack, "When did you two meet?" Jack's crafty dodge, "Well, we started the bandin 1997 ...."

Factor by which Jack White's face appears to have expanded laterally since the photo shoot forWhite Blood Cells: 1.5.

Factor of sun protection in Jack White's daily moisturizing face cream, judging from his pearly complexion: Like, 2,000? We're ballparking here.

Number of questions phrased in the form of a statement: Approximately seven.

Number of times Jack White lamented the underappreciated genius of Orson Welles: One.

Number of results returned by Googling "Orson Welles" and "genius": About 152,000.

Proportion of those 152,000 results that directly deals with Orson Welles' influence on "the rap": Zero, probably. But we're ballparking here.

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