Journalism 101

Dear Reactionaries: If you think the New Times merger spells trouble for local music, read this column

See, it is the job of journalists -- and this is Journo 101, people! -- to unravel complex situations, like the merging of two newspaper chains, with a definitive level of intelligence and objectivity. When they spew empty platitudes based on unexamined and unsupported biases -- like, say, a predisposition to hating a paper they clearly haven't read in ages -- it's not just bad for the subjects they're writing about, it's bad for journalism, for the truth, for the very institutions these alarmists are rushing to aid.

What you, me, and Chonin should be worrying about here is simple: the writing. To examine the words in this music section is to understand that this paper is no more beholden to major-label top-40 superstars than it is to the struggling indie band on your block. What we write about and how is not determined in Phoenix or Denver. That is a fact, regardless of what Chonin and her ilk would have you believe. We welcome bands of all different kinds, with all different sounds -- many of which you'll read about here for the very first time -- but you'll forgive us if we kiss none of their asses.

It would appear that Chonin was unaware of any of this when she output, most robotically, her senseless, uninformed invective. And that, readers, is the biggest joke of all.

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