The Manly Men of God

No women allowed into the Promise Keepers, but that didn't stop Infiltrator from getting on the Prayer Team

For good measure, I make sure to mention Satan.


"How was that? Should I change it up a bit?!" I ask my partner after we all manly hug, and of course high-five, and then they leave.

"Just look for God to give you the words," is his only advice.

Taking that advice, I'll see what God comes up with for me on our next prayer victim.

"OK, try to speed it up a little bit," the Prayer Team Leader comes over and requests.

Thus enters a weaselly looking man with a thin mustache. Behind his back, the Prayer Team Leader makes the speed-it-up sign.

"What would you like for us to pray about for you?"

"My wife put a restraining order on me," the man proclaims.

Whoa. Is that something Jesus can fix?

Is a restraining order in the Jesus jurisdiction?!

In this case, the words that God gives me are the lyrics from the Journey song "Open Arms":

So now I come to you

With open arms ....

When finished, the guy with the restraining order starts crying. The Sunday school teacher says, "Come here," and gives him a hug. He turns toward me for the hugging ritual. I in turn offer a manly high-five.

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