Gimmie Trouble

"I'm falling apart, I'm coming unglued," Adult. singer Nicola Kuperus yelps over the fluid, flanged bass line, coldhearted robo-drum snap, and brain-drilling electronic squelches of "In My Nerves." That's the spirit, lady! On its third full-length, the Detroit trio of Kuperus, hubby/multi-instrumentalist Adam Lee Miller, and recently added guitarist/texturalist Sam Consiglio (he of Tamion 12 Inch fame) pitches its biggest straitjacket fits yet, stripping away the thick and occasionally melodious synth grooves of past recordings to lay bare Adult.'s sinewy, no-wave core in all its malevolent glory. Not that Kuperus ever sounded particularly stable while singing or screeching about paranoia and alienation over the group's tense electro buzz, but here she sounds positively unhinged, coming off like a wide-eyed, unmedicated Poly Styrene or Siouxsie Sioux angling for a knife fight. "Gonna make you twitch, itch, itch, itch, itch," she intones amidst the creepy industrial clang of "Scare Up the Birds"; "Saliva scalds, oozing out/ Such a quick temper/ Soon to meet ... ha ha ha ha!" she shrieks during the cold sweat-inducing clamor of "Turn Into Fever." Sure, you can still dance to all of this, but your friends might end up calling the paramedics.

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