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The widely accepted notion that the mid-'70s were the doldrums of rock is pure myth. Some indispensably bizarre music was created during these years, with the comic book-inspired, electro-psychedelic glam-rock of one Todd Tamanend Clark serving as serious proof. Emerging after the fall of the hippies and before the rise of the punks, Clark -- a Native American activist and true outsider from Pennsylvania -- forged a unique fusion of wild '60s-style experimentalism and proto-new wave synth-freakery. Such jams as "Phosphorescence Is the Chamber," "Within the Zodiac Zone," and "Last Day as a Whole Person" are lo-fi nuggets smothered in a piercing menagerie of cheap sci-fi zaps, zings, and chirps while multi-instrumentalist Clark spins these very theatrical cyberpunk tales about paranoia, astrology, and modern society. And when this long-haired wonder ain't dropping precious lines like "Transmutation of molecules over a period of time/ It began as an amoeba" in an echo-laden basso profundo that is as delirious-sounding as Dr. Frankenstein after lightning struck his monster, he's unloading some snarling axe riffage or funky Doors-influenced organ bits. Clark even managed to record one of the greatest all-out punk jammers, "We're Not Safe!" Damn. This is classic weirdness.

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