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Letters to the Editor 

Week of Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Sound Salvation

Tuning out a crisis: I am writing to thank Cristi Hegranes for her article "Radio Free Nepal" [Feb. 1]. I was shaken by it. As an S.F. native, I think we all think of ourselves of being so on top of the game when it comes to AIDS, but this article brought me back to the reality of the AIDS crisis we have, for the most part, forgotten about. I live in L.A. now, where the disease is even more under wraps. I was so appalled to learn about the government policies that make no sense but are costing lives. Hopefully this article will make people remember who and what we are still supposed to be fighting for.

Jenin Lingrosso
Los Angeles

Subterranean Boondoggle Blues

Gavin and Dubya, spin twins: Matt Smith got it right ["Clang, Clang, Clang Went the New Subway," Feb. 1]. Mayor Newsom is second only to President Bush in his keen ability to manipulate the public's impression of his administration by favorable press coverage.

Smoke screen indeed! How else do you explain the abrupt changing of priorities from his colossal failure in Prop. J (the so-called housing initiative) to a real life-and-death issue -- the highest murder rate in San Francisco's 10-year history. The mayor's gush of self-righteous diatribes would be merely sickening if it weren't also so destructive. He brings new life to the phrase "the emperor has no clothes."

Sherrie Matza
Western Addition

Uncle Walt Moves to Emeryville

Apologist scores: The Apologist ["Disney, Reanimated," Feb. 1] is freakin' hilarious. Never change. I can barely read the boring articles in the papers today but I've just starting reading this column regularly and I literally laugh/cry in hysterics outside on Fillmore Street in the faces of all the coffee drones and robots. I'm glad I found someone in this world who can teach me about current events in a way that:

A) Makes me understand.

B) Brings humor to an otherwise semi-interesting subject.

C) Uses sarcasm to validate that my twisted sense of humor is alive and well in other hybrids walking this Earth!

Score: A, B, or C all = 100 points and thank you!

Mary Kay Hathcoat

State of the Punion

A. Gonzalez splits with Bush: Once again I have to give Dan Siegler credit for the most accurate reporting and balanced news updates of the president's limited, slow, meek, rancid speeches [Puni, Feb. 1]. Thanks, Dan, where do I send the check?

Angelberto Gonzalez
Daly City

Subpar Golf Scheme

And subpar poetry: Matt Smith bravely begins his story with Marxist and Capitalist locked in battle ["Pouring Money Down a Hole," Jan. 25]. I say "bravely" because in our one-party port, to suggest opposing forces is to risk having one's audience think they are reading a fairy tale.

No argument about the Marxist here being a rabid Stalinist ignorant of all but will and power. But Mayor Newsom as the opposition? Only in one-party San Francisco. Or in Matt Smith's dreams.

But wait, there is a third group of players -- the dip-your-beak self-interest crowd. Sorry Matt, too contrived. In this town, the whole troupe dips their beaks, abetted by one-party politics.

On this last point, some advice. Use self-interest in the crusade for more honest, accountable government -- the self-interest of city employees with legacy-benefits to protect. No one wants to see their pension go down the toilet due to civic malfeasance.

These soon-to-retire boomers know where the bodies are buried. Put it to them as Dan (Odd Bodkins) O'Neill put it: "The hob-nailed boots of Life's indiscretionate marathon-dancer have tapped out a rowdy two-step across the terra cotta of your subconscious ... you have paid the price for the sins of indulgence, and now the piper must be paid."

Paul Burton
Bernal Heights


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