Zach's got a macho Posse; getting caught "Dead" with Robbie Rivera

It doesn't get much cheaper than the boys at Zac Posse's parties and the booze at Gangway, and now the two shall meet. Posse, the inspired mind behind the infamous and much-lamented "Club Macho," has created a new Saturday night social with the impishly titled "Favors." (Remember to share, kids!) Sticking with the Tenderloin as his neighborhood of choice, Posse presents a weekly that features dance, electro, disco, rock, and assorted irony-free oddities and hits; unpretentious and joyous beats to make even the most affected waif bob his head. Since this alterna-artsy crowd will presumably fall within the 18- to 25-year-old spectrum, all the older and bitter gays should ditch the sour attitude in order to have fun and/or get laid. And always one for creating some of the city's most remarkable club-night fliers, Posse doesn't disappoint: Be sure to check out his Smurfy ad for "Favors." Subtle, indeed. (If you can't find one, visit Zac's MySpace profile to view it.) A mere $3 gets you in this Saturday, March 4; call 776-6828 for more information.-- Brock Keeling

Miami's Robbie Rivera and New York's Junior Sanchez are both constantly in demand (and have been for about a decade) at nightclubs in their respective cities and in such international club meccas as Ibiza and London. They're DJs, producers, and prolific remixers: Rivera has tinkered with songs by the likes of Madonna, Kylie Minogue, and Ricky Martin, while Sanchez has recently flipped it for Bloc Party, Gorillaz, and Moving Units. Those artists alone should help illustrate the stylistic differences of Rivera and Sanchez, and dancers can expect distinct flavors when these two appear at Mezzanine's "Red or Dead." Rivera tends to tear through propulsive house music sets, while Sanchez is much more of a musical schizophrenic, mixing in well-known rock and pop jams (or variations on familiar themes) with his underground dance cuts. Energy 92.7 FM's Nikita and the Chicago-based DJ tag team of Steve Smooth and JJ Flores will also man the turntables at this party on Saturday, March 4; call 625-8880 or go to for more info.-- Tamara Palmer

Talented New Yorkbased DJ/producer Satoshi Tomiie belongs in a rarefied circle of veteran house DJs. Convenient, then, that he has been business partners with Frankie Knuckles (the "Godfather of House") and David Morales (the, um, pinup of house) for almost 20 years. Tomiie's record label, SAW Recordings, turns five this year, and a few CDs aside, its main focus has been to provide other DJs with hot wax for their dance floors. Tomiie tends to favor a darker, more tribalistic sound than his colleagues these days, but he has roots in a brighter style. He recently released a mix CD for the 3D series hosted by U.K. superclub Renaissance. The set includes three discs: one with a mix resembling Tomiie's nightclub sets, one with his original productions and remixes, and one for post-party listening. It's a great way to get acquainted with the artist's range, but there's no substitute for catching Satoshi Tomiie DJing in person, as he will on Saturday, March 4, at Ruby Skye. Ras-Cue and Friz-B will provide the downtempo sounds in the upstairs lounge; call 693-0777 or visit for more info.-- Tamara Palmer

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