Swoosh Buckling

How a Zorro clothed in pop culture makes us laugh and think

Proof Positive: Zorro makes his mark
Kevin Berne
Proof Positive: Zorro makes his mark


Through April 16

Tickets are $10-59

(510) 647 2949


Berkeley Repertory Theatre, 2025 Addison (at Shattuck), Berkeley

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This muddle is just the point. Culture Clash artfully mashes the Zorro myth to a pulp (I use the word "pulp" literally — Zorro first came into being in 1919 in a work of pulp fiction by writer Johnston McCulley) until both the hero's and everyone else's identities are lost in the mass media stampede. Using topical references as satirical weapons, the show critiques our culture of marketing and endless reproduction, revealing Zorro to be little more than a brand. I wonder if Zorro Productions, Inc., the Berkeley-based company that owns the real-life rights to the brand — and commissioned and produced Zorro in Hell along with Berkeley Rep and La Jolla Playhouse — sees any irony in this?

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