Jimmy Edgar

Color Strip

Like a black box recorder, Jimmy Edgar's full-length debut is rather obvious on its glossy surface but contains meticulous intentions etched beneath that veneer. With their smudged melodies and static murmurs, most of the songs on Color Strip come across as a pop 'n' lock retro-futuristic tribute to crisp Motor City motorik, especially judging from such titles as "LBLBDetroit." Edgar is a native of the Michigan music hub, yet the depths of his debt run deeper than one would expect from someone barely twenty. Infused into his work is the fibrillating underground resistance of Drexciya, the garage-infused tech-disco of Stacey Pullen, and a roller-skate sleaze reminiscent of Ann Arbor neighbor Matthew Dear's glitch dovetails. Further into Color Strip's flight path, stylistic quotes from Prefuse 73's fragmented phrasing and DMX Krew's slap-snap robofunk develop. Edgar's album is digitally aided Detroit de rigueur — offering cheeky, funk-friendly style updates that overlap trailing chromatic trajectories off the electronic music metropolis' lasting legacy.

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