Letting your A.D.D. run rampant

Melbourne's Luke Chable and Phil K are best known as the de facto Down Under ambassadors to the global nightclub scene. But the veteran DJ duo's relatively nascent production partnership as Lostep yields the type of breakbeat and progressive house twisters that may actually eclipse their careers behind the turntables. Lostep unapologetically crafts music for disc jockeys, arranging songs to follow the ebb and flow of a dancers' energy. The team is also skilled with the mixmaster's secret weaponry — the element of surprise, which in this situation comes from a quirky arsenal of strange noises. Lostep will preview songs from the soon-to-be released debut album Because We Can, which is sure to get hands raised in the air as the party gets underway on Friday, April 14,at Club Six at 10 p.m. Admission is $10-$15; call 863-1221 or visit www.clubsix1.com for more info. Tamara Palmer

Although there's no shortage of mash-up DJs contributing their fused tracks to the current flood, only a handful have the skills to truly mix and mash well. What seems like an easy talent is, in fact, quite difficult, often requiring the seamless reduction of three or more tunes into just one song — and a good one at that. Along with Adrian and Mysterious D, Earworm is renowned for his technical savvy at splicing songs together and for knowing what'll sound perfect on the dance floor. His latest monthly, "A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disco)," displays Earworm's knack for cleverly blending the choicest modern pop songs with precious indie and alternative favorites from yesteryear. As the name of the night implies, the host isn't content sticking to one genre, throwing down ol' fashion electro and techno beats for good measure. Earworm graces the decks Saturday, April 15th (and every third Saturday), at The Transfer at 9 p.m. Admission is free; call 861-7499 or visit www.djearworm.com for more info.Brock Keeling

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