I Am Woman

Four plays redefine the word diva, for good and bad

They've Got Her Back: A scene from Beauty and the Breast.
Bill Faulkner
They've Got Her Back: A scene from Beauty and the Breast.


Waiting for FEMA: Written by Karen Ripley and Annie Larson, with music by Jack "Applejack" Walroth. Starring Karen Ripley and Annie Larson. Guns and Ammunition: Written by Sarah McKereghan and directed by Laura Ellen Smith. Starring Alyssa Harvey and Leslie Waggoner. DIVAfest Cabaret: Songs by Sean Owens and Don Seaver. Starring Sean Owens. Beauty and the Breast: Original concept by Liebe Wetzel. Directed by Jayne Wenger. Starring members of the Lunatique Fantastique ensemble. Through May 6 at Exit Theatre, 156 Eddy (between Mason and Taylor), and Original Joe's, 144 Taylor (between Eddy and Turk), S.F. Tickets are $12-35; call 673-3847 or visit

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Augello kicked off the festival by defining a diva as "a sophisticated, creative woman who knows what she wants." The productions in this year's DIVAfest might vary in their creativity and sophistication, and the characters and artists might not always know what they want, but they all remind us that there's more to being a diva than the likes of Maria Callas and Madonna will allow.

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