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Jeep MacNichol got his start in the late '80s as the drummer for the Samples, a group that came out a little too early to truly capitalize on the current popularity of laidback folk-rock. MacNichol has kept a fairly low profile in the nine years since leaving the band, emerging now with his ultimate stoner fantasy project: an album recorded in Jamaica that features some of his all-time favorite artists, from the drum 'n' bass stylings of Sly & Robbie to the fierce roars of Bounty Killer and Cutty Ranks. But this is not a typical reggae album; rather, it mixes island flavor with good old American hooks. Highlights come with the languid strums of guitar, Moog bass, and fragmented beats on "Swing," which create the perfect backdrop for Barrington Levy's world-famous warble (kind of a Jamaican take on yodeling). Dave Wakeling of English Beat/General Public fame and Jamaican singer Michael Rose cultivate a "Good Vibe," flooding speakers with their instantly recognizable, uplifting voices. MacNichol proves himself a multi-instrumentalist worth some salt as he flits between instruments and vocals. It's a shame he prefers to remain Anonymous.

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