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"With a rebel yell/She cried more, more, more. Owww. In the midnight hour, babe/More, more, more." OK, so unless you wear leg warmers as a fashion statement, the poetry of Billy Idol has little to do with your discothque. But U.K. DJ Damian Lazarus and his Crosstown Rebels label could do much worse than adopt those lines as clubbers internationally clamor for his late-nite disco-tech. Lazarus' brand of headfuck futurism draws and quarters dislocated sounds from microhouse and maximized minimalism, then pastes them together in a stark but sturdy, twisted and dirty mess of electro-tech (as exhibited on the recent 2-CD Get Lost). Prickly waves of synth-borne outlines shadowbox on the dance floor through the strobe flash burns. Trip out with the rest of the luminous and loopy (including DJ support from Jason Short, Jonathan Beech, Sinukus, Tim McCormack, Alland Byallo, Sammy D, and Craig Kuna) on Thursday, June 15, at Mighty at 9 p.m. Admission is $10-$15; call 415-762-0151 or visit www.mighty119.com for more info. Tony Ware

Sandwiched between the highly unusual "Pastor Tom Show" and the "Turkish Cultural Program" for some eight years running, "Future Breaks FM" (Saturdays 4-6 p.m. on KUSF 90.3 FM) is the only place on the airwaves to hear new and classic cuts from top DJs dabbling in drum ‘n' bass, breakbeats, and other upfront party grooves. S.F.'s drum ‘n' bass don Compression devotes one of its weekly parties to assist the radio show in raising much-needed funds at a "Future Breaks Benefit." Hosts DJ PUSH, DJ M, Mikebee, and Jus Wan will offer their turntable expertise (as will such frequent FB guests as Method One, Dov, Kraddy, and Megatron with DJ Child). Dancers can get down for a funky cause on Thursday, June 15, at the Cellar at 9 p.m. Admission is $7; call 441-5678 or go to www.cellarsf.com for more info.Tamara Palmer

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