Plaid & Bob Jaroc

Greedy Baby

50 Cent isn't the only artist with enough clout to offer a video for every song on an album. After four studio full-lengths (five, if you count the Peel Sessions) and countless compilations, singles, and EPs, U.K. experimental electronicists Plaid (Ed Handley and Andy Turner) return with the group's most ambitious project to date. Greedy Baby features a CD of new material as well as a DVD of corresponding visuals created by longtime collaborator Bob Jaroc.

Among the new audio goods is "War Dialer," which addresses a larger metaphor of international wires crossing by layering samples of wrong numbers. Next to such a grand concept, "Super Positions" is so minimal and chilled-out with its understated chimes that it may require checking to ensure the CD hasn't actually stopped. As evocative as Plaid's tunes are, ranging from serene ambience to glorious cacophony with a twist of funk bump, they are given lively new dimension on screen. Jaroc provides imagery that matches nicely with the songs: His dark, spinning shots of disused buildings match the jarring wooziness of the sinister "I Citizen the Loathsome," while "The Return of Super Barrio" translates Spanish calls to revolution in the eyes of a brave Mexican wrestler, for those who might've otherwise missed the point of the scream-filled ditty. Extras come in the form of previous Plaid/Jaroc collaborations, helping to make this a value-added package with actual merit.

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