Flamenco con Fusión

Master guitarist Ricardo Garcia's show is billed as hailing from Barcelona and Edinburgh. But unless you count the slight inflection to certain words in the native Andalusian's speaking voice and the fact that he's just arrived in town from the Edinburgh Fringe, there's nothing particularly Scottish about Garcia's jubilant flamenco-based music and dance performance. This is kind of strange when you consider that the virtuoso musician's interests stray well beyond the borders of Spain, blending elements from cultures as diverse as India, the Middle East, Africa, South America, and the Caribbean. Over the course of an hour, Garcia and two dancers mix traditional flamenco movement and sounds with styles as varied as jazz, blues, salsa, and hip hop. The "fusion" elements of the show don't always come off: The shotgun rhythms of the dancers' classical steps are a much more thrilling accompaniment to the music than the corny attempts at modern choreography. But whether attacking or caressing his guitar, paying homage to his roots or playfully turning his back on them, Garcia displays a musicianship that's as vibrant as it is eclectic. Chloe Veltman

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