The Thrilling Adventures of Elvis in Space - 2

Jeremy Jorgenson's wacky show follows the continuing exploits of Elvis, his annoying sidekick Stevie, and the traitorous robot Charlie Hodge. The plot is nonsensical drivel concerning the inhabitants of Zeusus Zars, a deadly disease, and Elvis' search for his momma. The actors seem to be committed to this American pop-culture smorgasbord: Steffanos X makes his Elvis goofily entertaining, and Patrick Simms gives the right surreal tone to his announcer. The sound design by Sean Chiki is good, wholesome, psychedelic fun, and the costumes do a lot with a little. The problem is that because the play lacks a coherent plot and bases its humor almost entirely on abstract non sequiturs and in-jokes, our attention wanders. Elvis needs to search for another, more amusing planet.

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