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Two massive electronic music events, one small spotlight

Manger hints that she might be amenable to syncing up the two calendars in the future. "This is our first year, and we at least have to establish ourselves," she says. "One of the things that I think was a concern was that if we did Summer Music Conference at the same time as LoveFest, we would have been very overshadowed, and we wouldn't have been able to get our point across."

At last year's Love Parade, Gunnar Hissam and several of his co-workers and artists at S.F.'s Om Records sailed down Market Street in a pirate shipÐthemed float. The leading local electronic label plunks down serious dollars each year to throw parties during Miami's M3 and Winter Music Conference. But this year it will forego hosting a float at LoveFest to instead sponsor one of the two stages at the SMC main event and host a massive party at 1015.

Hissam says he looks forward to both festivals, noting that the totality of what's on offer is important for this area. But he laments that Om had to choose when and where to best direct its resources. "We'd rather do it all," he reasons, "But you can't really do two weekends in a row."

Om's decisions are representative of smaller labels, club promoters, and DJ collectives that can either become spread thin this month or decided to focus on one event over the other. Manger explains that SMC's business model could spur activity that would make that less of a problem in the future.

"Our whole idea is to hopefully bring more money and more resources to the table for everyone," she says. "We can highlight our artists, get San Francisco back on the map as a major hub of entertainment, get people flying here more often. Then they'll have the resources to do more things."

Hissam notes that it will be a challenge for even an enthusiastic city like ours to support two major electronic music events back to back. If they come off lackluster, it won't do us the greatest of favors in attracting outside attention. "But, if that shit goes off and it's just a big two-week party with people going bananas," he predicts, "then people will notice."

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