Troublesome Pastimes

One local busybody collects letters from serial killers. Another attacks environmentalists. Guess which one's misguided.

Bruce Anderson wrote another column, denouncing Miles as someone bent on harassing environmentalists. And he wrote another column called "Crazy Mary Versus the Sierra Club," without offering factual reason to believe Miles was crazy.

For five years the lawsuit made its way through the courts, with Miles pursuing her contention that she wasn't a public figure all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, which ultimately declined to hear her case.

Since the Mendocino imbroglio, many of its participants have migrated south.

Robert Anderson has been described in accounts of Miles' lawsuit as a San Francisco dishwasher. He's run for Supervisor. And he keeps a current events-oriented Web log.

Last year Bruce Anderson sold the Advertiser. Some accounts said he was tired of all the strife that had arisen around his newspaper. Bruce Anderson attempted for three months last year to launch a similar publication in Eugene. But it failed. Two of his friends told me he's in Marin County, living without e-mail as he considers his next move.

Roanne Withers said her attorney has told her to speak with nobody about Mary Miles.

I wish them all peace.

As for Miles, I can't see how one could ever find resolution pursuing an interest in tormenting environmentalists with their own bureaucratic fine print.

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Wow to know he actually got peole to listen is great. Thomas was an aweosme person with an amazing outlook on life. He is definately missed. Thank you for this story.

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