Vulgar Posing

How our columnist was seduced into watching the World's Largest Female Bodybuilder beat up on Rob Black

"Well, I wasn't having an out-of body experience, if that's what you're asking. For one thing, the other Rob Black is a lot fatter than I am," Black notes, adding that the movie was a lot like watching pro wrestling, of which Black reminded me he's a fan.

As the evening draws to a close at near 11 p.m., and I escort Black to the elevator, the candidate says, "Did I ever tell you Chris Daly and I used to play poker together?"


"Yeah, us and some other City Hall officials and staffers would get together and play," he explained.

Did Daly swear?

"Oh, yeah," Black said, as the elevator begins to close. "But I probably swore a lot more."

Isn't Daly the vulgar jerk who threatens democratic process?

What about the gentility-in-public-life rap Black's been giving SOMA condo dwellers?

Black is gone. I don't feel like chasing after him with my facile questions.

Alone in SF Weekly's offices, beer on my breath, an awful soft-porn video in the VCR, I realize I've been seduced by the poses of two political hacks.

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