Killing My Lobster Faces the Music

A gleefully entertaining musical, complete with gospel ode to the Mission burrito

Killing My Lobster has traditionally sung balls-out musical numbers to end each of its sketch comedy shows, so now these Mission District hipster poster children have decided to do an entire show of musical nonsense — and it's gleefully entertaining. The San Francisco-themed vignettes dip into hip hop, show tunes, church hymns, and even gothic headbanging, while the plot is hilariously off-kilter. Two fathers battle for the honor of "World's Greatest Dad," one girl tries to buy incense and ends up getting a bag of "purple sticky" that induces an orgiastic dance of goofy elves and snowmen, and a new STD is introduced when a young lover gets a case of the "bagpipes." Some sketches abruptly run out of story, with the charismatic cast awkwardly abandoning ship and running off stage, and the recorded interludes broadcast from a huge boombox at center stage almost steal the show. But it's the 10-minute show-stopping spiritual about the foil-wrapped Mission burrito (complete with gospel singers and a legless homeless man) that raises Musicto true cult status. Nathaniel Eaton


Through Nov. 18 at the ODC Theater, 3153 17th St. (between Webster & Buchanan), S.F. Tickets are $12-17; call 863-9834 or visit

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