It was time to admit something else to Ramona. When I was in high school and driving that car home from a party, I had to pee really, really bad. Like, there were shooting pains happening. I thought I could make it home, but nope, it had to happen. I had a sheepskin cover on my seat, and so logically I figured that I could pee in it and just wash it. So I did. Man that felt good. Anyway, when I got home I jumped in the shower and then in bed, leaving the wet seat cover. The next day I went out to investigate and there was no sign of urine or anything. It had dried and was odorless. So you know what? I just left it. It was that kind of car. The funny thing was, Ramona said that she had done the exact same thing, with the same results. "It was probably all water that came out of us," she said, optimistically trying to make our infraction less grody. Things fall apart, yes, but then the universe restores itself.

This was a bar I could really retire in. The bartender put on Billie Holiday and made like he wanted to slow dance. I wasn't quite drunk enough, but, in this place, with these memories, I was sure all I had to do was wait. —Katy St. Clair

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