Sports Flight

The 49ers and the A's are on the move. Is their flight to the 'burbs a seismic shift in the Bay Area sports scene?

A) I don't know, but good God, Mick Jagger must be rich.

B) Great! Man, if there's one thing this area lacks, it's monster truck shows.

C) Are you nuts? With Al Davis looking after Oakland, nothing bad could happen! (Bonus point for being named in Davis' will, right after the devil.)

7) Santa Clara Vice Mayor Kevin Moore promised that if the 49ers win another Super Bowl, "the parades will still be in San Francisco." Do you think the major cities will support their former teams?

A) So Santa Clara gets the team and the games, and we get to pick up the trash after the parade? What a deal.

B) The 49ers will always have a home in San Francisco. It'll be windy, and freezing in the upper decks, and the sightlines won't be very good ... but it'll be a home.

C) Of course. I just wonder how long it will take the Raiders to move back into the National Football League.

How to score:

Score zero points for every "A" answer, one point for every "B," and two points for every "C."

0-6 points: Don't want to see the 49ers and the A's go? Perhaps an impassioned, fruitless online petition is in order.

7-10 points: You're worried about the impact of the 49ers on the San Jose SaberCats of the Arena Football League? You need to get out more.

11-14 points: Congratulations! You're a true apologist for the changing Bay Area sports scene. Now root along with your favorite team while you sit in traffic!

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