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Letters to the Editor 

Week of 12-13-06

It's Never Done

Where's Dad?: While I enjoyed Eliza Strickland's "Mother's Work," [Dec. 6] I found it one-dimensional. Often, the reason employers do not want mothers as workers is because — quell surprise — they don't work as much as childless workers or men.

Unfortunately, due to pervasive sexism, women still take the brunt of child care, usually working 10 more hours a week on housework/child care than fathers (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics). The missing part of Strickland's equation are fathers — where are they? Why aren't they picking up their kid when she's sick, or teaching them yoga? There's a reason her article is called "Mother's Work" not "Parents' Work."

Besides, it's unrealistic for mothers to expect they would get the same pay and prestige for doing a worse job than other employees. I'm sorry, but you just can't be as good a lawyer working 40 hours a week as you can working 60.

Having children in this day and age is a choice: to expect that that choice should not affect your career is delusional.

J.N. Phillips

San Francisco

Cold Case File

Grief and sleuthing: I am the eldest daughter of Victor Bach. I want to thank Matt Smith for bringing this back to the public's attention ["Murderers at Large," Dec. 6]. As Smith noted, the conviction rate of the SFPD is abysmal. My father was a native San Franciscan and worked his whole life in S.F. He deserved better than the SFPD has been able to offer. I only hope that continued attention to this and other cases will somehow move the SFPD forward on their conviction rates.

My heart goes out to the families of other murder victims that are not blessed with such a wonderful and large extended family as mine. We have made this into a "business" of sorts. We are each in charge of different areas of the investigation and communications. What the families of others do when they do not have all this help and support of each other is mind-boggling. I know that without the support, help, and love as well as money that we have all given to this, we would not even be as far along as we are now.

Thank you again for making my father's murder the focus of your article.

Jenny (Bach) Needham

Boulder Creek, CA

Documenting Hate

You sound a bit partisan yourself: In her review of "Ever Again" [Dec. 6], a documentary about the resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe, Jessica Grose makes the inane comment that the film is "not-exactly nonpartisan" because it was produced by the anti-Nazi Simon Wiesenthal Center. Who, pray tell, would Ms. Grose find "nonpartisan" on this subject? Perhaps she would find acceptable the likes of the pro-Palestinian propagandists of Not In Our Name, the one-dimensional ideologues of KPFA's news department, or the simpletons at Global Exchange, all of whom have created a resurgence of anti-Semitism in our own backyard with their incessant Israel-bashing.

Dan Spitzer

Kensington, CA

Two Cents Is About Right

Chron wants our cranks: Matt Smith may consider SF Weekly's most passionate readers "random cranks" ("Two Cents Too Much," Nov. 22), but at the Chronicle, we are grateful to people who take the time to contribute other views besides our own to our pages. Perhaps your so-called "cranks" might want to give us a try and see what it feels like to weigh in with a paper that cares what they think.

Heidi Swillinger

Community Editor/Two Cents Coordinator

San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco

A Sour Taste

Gourmand griping: Please, please make Meredith Brody stop ["Bewiched," Nov. 29]. I was one of those people who read the initial complaints about her column and thought, "C'mon, give the girl a chance."

But now I have had it! As a "foodie" type, I like to read reviews, but hers drive me absolutely nuts. It's as if she wants everyone to know how worldly she is, what with her life of breezing into foreign films and museums and jetting off to other countries ... and, oh yeah, I ate something too! This week was the worst; do we really need her to tell us that T.G.I. Friday's blows? I think not! Please give your other reviewer the job on a full-time basis; perhaps Meredith can move back to L.A. or N.Y., where the delis are more to her liking.

Julie Kramer

San Francisco


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