The Kinsey Institute

Typically, crowds don't circle around men in drag performing on a street corner, figuring discretion is best. But when the Kinsey Sicks did it in 1994, Castro pedestrians got pulled into their sonorous orbit: The girls, it turned out, had chops. Since then, the "dragapella beautyshop quartet" has played just about everywhere, from the Aspen Opera Hall to CBS' The Early Show with Bryant Gumbel (a drag milestone that begs the question: Where's the memoir?). Exposure, however, hasn't tamed the group's act. Witness a scene from its holiday stage spoof Oy Vey in a Manger, when one of the ladies, eyes wide and nervous (as if certain a mouse is stirring), leans over the audience and begins her solo in a soft, delicate voice: "Jews better watch out. Jews better not cry. Jews better not pout. I'm telling Jews why." With reworded carols that smudge the line of good taste, the show is scathing romp, bashing Christmas and the season of spending though song, dance, divalike acting, and plenty of asides about "packages."
Sat., Dec. 23, 8 p.m.

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