Global Warning

Al Gore was in town last week to remind us all that we're ruining the planet. But do you think the concern about climate change is just a bunch of hot air?

A) Waterworld.

B) Well, if I had to compare the Earth to a celebrity, I'd hope it looks like Dick Clark.

C) I think we'll continue down this same path of sensible restraint, careful that those pesky scientists don't get too carried away with their "sky-is-falling" attitude. But don't listen to me — I'm just an optimist.

How to score:

Score zero points for every "A" answer, one point for every "B," and two points for every "C."

0-6 points: Yes, it's another El Niño winter. But winter is the new spring, you know?

7-10 points: Not sure where you stand on global warming? Then just make sure it's not too close to Al Gore!

11-14 points: Congratulations! You're a true apologist for global warming. Now go burn a copy of the Kyoto Protocol with that extra gasoline you keep in your second SUV.

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