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Wherein we review Yay Area mixes of the day

We're kicking off the first Shmixtape of '07 by featuring two open-minded DJs appearing live on the same night this week. That allows for party-hopping club connoisseurs to test-drive the skills of these locals live, and, if they're a good fit, to take 'em home with you after:

DJ Vin Sol

Cougar Noises(www.vin-sol.com)


Get in the mix! Send your mixtapes (any style), and maybe we'll review 'em: Mixtape Shmixtape c/o Jennifer Maerz, SF Weekly, 185 Berry Street, Lobby 4, Suite 3800, San Francisco, CA 94107.

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If anyone can connect the funk between late local rapper Mac Dre and U.K. pop punkstress Lily Allen and not lose anyone along the way, it's Vin Sol. He's one DJ capable of tackling a broad palette of sounds. And from the New Jack Swing of Bobby Brown's "My Prerogative" to dance-rock fave "Banquet" by Bloc Party, there's a lot to digest here. Included are many original remixes by Vin himself. The tracks hit best when he blends two vastly different records, like Crime Mob's girl-crunk anthem "Stilettos" with Kosheen's classic drum 'n' bass cut "Hide U." Vin Sol's "Cougar Noises Mixtape Release Party" is on Friday, Jan. 12, at Milk at 10 p.m. Admission is $5 (before 10:30)/$10 (after); call 387-6455 or visit www.milksf.com for more info.



The 11th release in his Public Release series, Eug leaps from remixes of A Tribe Called Quest to Talking Heads as if they've always been natural bedfellows, dabbling in broken beat and electro joints along the way. He keeps the pace fairly high-octane throughout the set, focusing more on the overall energy rather than a short-attention-span theater of quick tricks. The next edition of Eug's brilliantly named monthly "I Can't Feel My Face" takes place on Friday, Jan. 12, at Amnesia at 9 p.m. Admission is $3; call 970-0012 or visit www. amnesiathebar.com for more info.

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