There are plenty of physically astonishing feats to marvel at in Sweet Can Productions' 80-minute circus romp. BeeJay Joyer's body-wrapping juggling routine elicited a "that's so hard to do" from one audience member to his date. "Jesus," the date marveled later in response to a move from slack rope performer Beth Clarke. But what makes the production so enjoyable to watch are the moments when the twisting, contorting, and overall body control look like the most effortless things in the world. An aerial silks duet by Clarke and Matt White is stunning for the sweet ease with which they fold and unfold each other in mid-air, as if it were how all bodies in love should be. And when Jeremy Sheets elongates his torso within a large, slowly rolling German Wheel, framed with delicacy by Dan Cantrell's Eastern European-flavored music and Todd Shannon's lighting, it's simply beautiful to behold. Molly Rhodes


Through Feb. 11 at Dance Mission Theater, 3316 24th St. (at Mission St.), S.F. Tickets are $20; call 273-4633 or visit www.dancemission.com.

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