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Letters to the Editor 

Week of 2-28-2007

Black and White

Consider the source: I want to commend you on what Chief Sanders and I think was an excellent article on our book, The Zebra Murders ("Earl's Last Laugh," Feb. 21). However, I also feel the need to address some statements made in it by the book's critics.

The claim that the book is self-serving is undermined by the fact that throughout it both credit and praise are given to numerous officers, especially Gus Coreris, John Fotinos, and Rotea Gilford, to whom Chief Sanders dedicated the book.

As for the comments of Louis Calabro, I did research in the wake of his criticisms and what I found seems revealing. According to an article in The Jewish Daily Forward, Calabro has attended Jared Taylor's white nationalist American Renaissance Conferences (Taylor's white nationalist magazine also wrote favorably about the work of Kevin Mullen, another critic of the book). Calabro also posted on, a site about Holocaust-denier Ernst Zundel, stating his support of a pro-Zundel rally in Canada by saying: "I wish I were in the neighborhood. Best wishes, Louis Calabro." On (motto: "No Jews, Just Right"), Calabro posted a petition requesting a congressional investigation into Jews, including such queries as: "What is the Jewish Talmud and does it promote or contain passages that express hatred of Gentiles in American [sic] and abroad?" He ends with: "I pledge my full allegiance To all European Americans: To preserve our heritage, To protect our society, and To enhance our race. By my spirit and deeds, I do so vow." People can judge those statements for themselves. But it is important that when one considers the criticism of the book, one also considers the source.

Finally, I want to comment on the photos of Chief Sanders (which I've never seen) that supposedly came to light at the end of the OFJ lawsuit. The lawsuit began in 1973 and consisted of far more than just Chief Sanders' testimony in 1978, and the notion that someone taking part in self-deprecating humor could in any way negate real discrimination is a specious and, in my opinion, disingenuous argument.

Bennett Cohen

Los Angeles

Sitting on a gold mine: Thank you so much for the excellent article on cab medallions. I've been trying to tell people the same thing for years now. Your article was correct and precise, and I'm so glad to finally have this info out to the public.

I'm a working cab driver and on the waiting list (in the 500s). I would have a medallion by now if it were not for so many greedy rich people who make plenty of money at their real jobs, holding something that is not rightfully theirs. The truth shall prevail.

[Name withheld]

San Francisco

Beloved Bouncer

R.I.P., Felix: I just wanted to take a minute to let you know I was really touched by Bouncer this week [Feb. 14]. Especially the last paragraph about 'ol Felix. I was nearly moved to tears today while having lunch at the Blue Front Cafe. It was beautifully prosaic without being too sappy. I have always enjoyed Katy's column in the past, but her writing this week was extra-great. In fact, along with Dan Savage, she is just about the only thing left worth reading.

Phillip [last name withheld]

San Francisco

Spellin' Sebastian

Kamps makes reader [sic]: Just wanted to thank Garrett Kamps for pointing out that the Time Flys [sic] have been spelling their name wrong all these years [Reviews, Feb. 21]. I was hoping that, while he's at it, maybe he could remind Pink Floyd that "we don't need no education" is a double negative, and just who did put the "bomp" in the "bomp shoo bomp shoo bomp?" Let's get Mary Weiss and David Johanssen to stop spelling love "luv." Has he ever met a girl named "ramma-lamma-ding-dong," 'cause I sure as hell haven't. I think that Thee Headcoats could loose that extra "e." And, shit, let's get Sir Paul McCartney on the horn and let him know once and for all how to properly spell "beetles"! I mean, he's just some northern yob that probably never got his O level.

Yes, sirree, sure am glad that someone's out there keeping my rock 'n' roll good and literate. Tell him to send me a copy of that album he's working on writing in his Alpha Bits every morning when he gets through with it, OK?

Garett [last name withheld]

San Francisco


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