The Great Puppet Musical

The humans are okay, but the puppets are the real stars

It's all about the puppets at Un-Scripted Theatre Company's latest improv show, a full-length musical made up on the spot from an audience suggestion, where puppets and humans alike try to make sense of the often cruel and confusing modern world around them. The skills of the human actors are competent enough, but the puppets made by the company are what makes the evening more than average skit comedy drawn out to two hours. Sure, if you've seen Avenue Q, you've seen this idea before. And, yes, the show would benefit from being a one act instead of two, building on its own momentum rather than trying to find it again after we all refill our beers. But unless you're the most hardened of anti-puppet people, there is something about those little buggers that makes you want to follow whatever path the Un-Scripted troupe forges that night. Molly Rhodes


Through June 2. Tickets are $10-15; call 869-5384 or visit
SF Playhouse, Stage 2, 533 Sutter St. (between Powell and Mason), S.F.

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