Is the iPhone so awesome that it can get you laid?

We can't say for sure, but we found it amusing to see love-deprived boys using the iPhone as date-bait on Craigslist the week the new gadget came out.

Take this posting on "men seeking women" with the headline "iLine partners": "Hello, I am looking for a cool chick to wait in line with me tomorrow for the iPhone. I dont know, I just thought of doing this to see what happens. Not looking for anything serious." The iPhone line as first-date foreplay? Genius! Someone text Steve Jobs.

Then there was this creepier posting from a "reasonably attractive, funny, well-mannered, worldly renaissance Man from NY, live in SF, has an iPhone, courtesy of my friends PR job, (seriously)." This 40-something guy professed to be "willing to trade an iPhone, for an evening out with a very attractive, sexy woman who is willing to dress up and be my Cinderella. Serious only. No pros. No $$ exchanged. Pretty simple." Wow. What a great story that will make for their grandkids.

We thought we'd have a little fun, so we posted a fake "women seeking men" personals ad posing as a 22-year-old Parker Posey look-alike from North Beach. We titled it "How big is your iPhone" and used several dumb double-entendres: "Can't afford one myself yet, but I want to hold one in my hands and play with it. Maybe you can show me yours over a drink? ... A pic of your iphone gets a pic of me."

We got more than 20 responses, including this one: "I'm too lazy to take a pic of my iPhone tonight, but trust me — I have it." Next: "I don't have an iPhone but don't click the X yet. I have a very cool phone with a lot of buttons— it plays mp3s, videos, flips open, has a full keyboard and even makes calls. ... Enough?" Nope, next. "iPhone is 4.5" long, much shorter than the other thing you were implying."

The author of that last one was the only dude who had any wit. One guy just sent us a picture of his erect penis. Does that kinda shit actually work with any of you ladies out there? If so, text Will Harper immediately from your iPhone.

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