Bombas Exploding

A highly respected and accomplished array of artists illuminate La Bomba: A Midsummer Night's Benefit for Galería de la Raza. Some of the best performance art in the hemisphere is promised, including the work of Mexico City's Violeta Luna. She's no one to be trifled with. At La Bomba, she'll have your pants in a twist while messing with your racial preconceptions before you can say, "That's not how Richie Valens spelled it!" Great poets like our municipal laureate Jack Hirschman and Royal Chicano Air Force co-founder José Montoya are on the bill, as is a special appearance by Ester Hernandez (one of the geniuses behind Creativity Explored) as the Sun Mad Queen. But really, the main attraction here is all the hell that's going to break loose during the Guillermo Gómez-Peña impersonation contest. The MacArthur grant-winning performance artist is both mercurial and an easy target — imagine many "Mexterminators" wearing man-skirts and bandoliers, posing in meaningful tableaux, and encouraging the timid to get naked.

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