The Liberty Bell

Isn't it funny how some white guys think everyone else is complaining? You know, the guys who think racism doesn't exist anymore? (We're not talking about you, of course. You're very sensitive!) Dudes like that may not think comedian W. Kamau Bell's stand-up act is funny, but because Bell is a hip-looking, tall, handsome black man, they'll try to laugh anyway -- they want to be cool, too. Besides, it simply wouldn't do to be offended by his myriad "I hate whitey" jokes, now would it? Not for guys who go around telling people they complain too much. (Again, we're positive this is not you.) Bell is certainly funny, though: He's done stuff like, oh, let's see, open for Dave Chapelle, appear on Comedy Central, and co-host "Siskel & Negro," a comedy movie review show on Live 105. Sample joke: "I'm the product of a mixed marriage. That's right: My father is black, and my mother is BLACK!"

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